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RAF Wartling 1952 -54

Battle of Britain Commemoration Parade, 1953

FROM Melbourne, Australia a former RAF Wartling veteran e-mails a request to renew contacts with former colleagues.
"My name is Michael Montague (Mike, Monty), and I have been living for many years in Melbourne, Australia.
"During the period 1952 - 54 I was based at RAF Wartling, on the site now occupied by the UAE Technical Training Project campus at Upper Barnhorn, working as a Fighter Plotter in the Radar Section
"On behalf of myself and several contemporaries with whom I am in contact, I ask your readers: were you, a member of your family or a friend stationed at the camp or know anyone who was based there, especially during that period, and do you have any memories or photos from that time? I have many remembered names and names to exchange.
Michael Montegue and Colin Warnett"The photo shows myself at left with friend Colin Warnett from Maidstone.
"The other photo is of the Battle of Britain Commemoration Parade which took place in Bexhill in September, 1953 in which I took part.
"I played football for Little Common F.C. for the 1953 season, and was briefly associated with the Bexhill Swimming Club (Egerton Park) and Hastings and St Leonards Swimming Club.
"I would be particularly glad and grateful if anyone in Bexhill can help me with this request. I can be contacted me by email at: and/or my postal address: Villa 36 Burnside Village, Nicol Avenue, Burnside, Victoria, 3023, Australia. I also have a local (Eastbourne) contact: Mr Ron Ward on 769245 who will pass on any information."

MEMORIES of the days when Bexhill had its own RAF station have brought a response from correspondent Michael Montague.
Michael appealed for old colleagues to contact him in Australia.
Susan Rippingale, of Firle Road, Little Common, writes: "Following your item about RAF Wartling, wrote to Michael Montague in Melbourne as my brother, James Dale, was stationed there in the 1950s.
"He emigrated to Australia in 1964 when he joined the RAAF in which he served for 22 years.
"Although their times at Wartling did not coincide, they did actually, in recent times, correspond by e-mail and did eventually meet when my brother visited Melbourne about three or four years ago.
"Imagine how pleased I was to receive a reply, enclosing a photograph of them together during this visit.
"It was a little sad as Jim died 18 months ago, very suddenly, from a heart attack.
"I hope that Michael hears from others and thank you so much for printing this item."